22 January, 2010

Hello again.

Welcome to my blog. My new blog. That currently consists of old content. Hmm.
I had a mini-launch earlier this month, followed by the uploading of a few old (slightly tweaked) posts from the previous blog. I kept it quiet (the newsfeed was temporarily turned off) but now I should probably tell you a bit about Possibly Interesting.

Expect less waffle and more articles. There's some old articles that will reappear on this blog, but I intend to post a lot of new stuff too. What kind of stuff? Well as listed in the navigation bit at the side:

Dave (my stuff)

Anime and Manga

Computer and Video Games

Film and TV



Of course that's at the time of writing. Plans change and maybe some of those will be dropped, maybe some will be added, but that's what I expect to be writing about and I already have a few ideas for each category. For example, expect Music to contain shaky gig footage, although my laptop's not really up to video editing at the moment - which will also cause a few problems with my short film plans.

Between blogposts, I will probably be posting vague nonsense on Twitter (see box just below the blog navigation). That's all for now. There's not much on the blog at the moment, but hopefully it will soon grow.