28 May, 2012

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Along with the artwork Lee was kind enough to chuck in some extras. The best of which (and most relevant for this article) were Simon Furman’s original scripts for both parts.


Although both are undated, the script for part 1 has some deadlines written on the top, indicating pencils were due 29th May and inks on 5th June – two months before #230 went on sale.
The panel descriptions are interesting to read and there are other interesting things such as hand-written corrections and these notes:


The dialogue in the script differs on several occasions to what finally appeared, though often it is a rewording rather than a complete rewrite.


In the panel on the right, if you look carefully at the wall, you can still see some of this original dialogue:


The final panel of part 1 is interesting as the script does not feature Thunderwing’s line about being “heir apparent to the Decepticon throne”.


And in part 2 Hosehead explains that Thunderwing is hoping to become Decepticon leader. At least in the finished comic he does. In the script Thunderwing is aiming a little lower and just hopes to become controller of Cybertron’s Polyhex region.


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