28 May, 2012

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As mentioned I also have the cover to #231. However previously I’d purchased a bunch of Transformers stuff that included #231’s cover brief:

Stapled to this brief was a rough version of the cover.
Lee wasn’t sure who had drawn this, though he narrowed it down to either Simon Furman or Euan Peters. I later checked with Simon who told me he was pretty sure it was Euan as "I was no longer on staff at that point, and anyway, my cover sketches were terrible. This one's pretty good."
Lee said that this made sense, though added “Simon's roughs were actually very good - typically modest.”

Anyway here is the inked Lee Sullivan version:
And here’s what it looked like on the final issue:
Whilst Lee provided the art for the story and the second cover, #230’s cover was drawn by Andrew Wildman. 23

I checked but the art for the cover had been sold.
However a short while ago I learned that Wildman’s frequent Transformers collaborator, inker Stephen Baskerville was doing commissions (including cover recreations). So naturally I went for a recreated #230 cover.

It should be noted that Baskerville did not work on the cover originally. As he explained “it'll look slightly different, (how it would have looked if I'd inked it).”

And here it is:

The Big Shutdown! was later reprinted in #330-331 in colour. This version was then reprinted in the 1993 Winter Special.
The original black and white version was reprinted by Titan Books in the pocket book sized ‘Perchance To Dream’

Lee Sullivan
Simon Furman
Andrew Wildman
Stephen Baskerville
‘The Big Shutdown!’ at the Transformers Wiki


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