28 October, 2015

Now is a good chance to get your money back from Pix'n Love Publishing

Ah... Pix'n Love Publishing. They've produced some great video game-related books, but unfortunately they've also taken money from people and then never delivered the goods. And then they ignored everyone who asked questions and requested their money back.

Someone has written a more detailed history here, but chances are if you're reading a blog post suggesting there may be a way to get your money back, you know all about that anyway.

Basically if you're looking to get a response from them, try this...

That comment comes at the end of this update on a Kickstarter for a English translation of the book 'Eric Chahi: Welcome to Another World' (to be published by Pix'n Love).

I sent off an e-mail and actually got a response, followed shortly by a refund for the Gunpei Yokoi book that never materialised (although apparently it is now scheduled for the first half of 2016). So if you're looking for your money back on a book that never happened (or you never received your copy of one of the ones that did), the above e-mail address is the one to try.

I hope that this is the start of a new Pix'n Love, one that will release the books it says it will and not just take the money and then go into hiding (they only owed me for one book, but others had handed over much more). The worry is that this is just temporary and once there is no longer a Kickstarter for people to comment on (should they get no response), they'll just go back to ignoring everyone. Hopefully I'm wrong about that, but just in case, be advised that the Kickstarter ends in the morning on 20th November, 2015.


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